Brand: Mazda
Model: Titan
Category: lorry
Subcategory: Curtainsider
Manufacturer country: Japan  Japan
Period of production: 2004 - 2007
Dimensions (W x D x H): 1695 × 4690 × 1955 mm.
Curb weight (permissible): 1900 ( 3465 ) kg.
Engine, transmission:
Volume: 3059 cm3.
Power: 88 hp
Maximum rotations per min. 3600 rpm
Qty. cylinders: 4
Type of fuel: gasoline
Fuel Injection System: direct injection
volume of fuel tanks: 70 l.
Turbo: Turbocharging with intercooler
Compression ratio: 20.10
Qty. gears: 5
Transmission type: Manual
Drive of the car: Rear drive
Clearance: 145 mm.
Track of front wheels: 1415 mm.
Track of rear wheels: 1265 mm.
Front brakes: Disc brakes
Rear brakes: Drum brake